Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Creating white trash renovation

Hello all,
This blog is being created after a long, long, long wait to buy the home that we were renting and show the transformation from a white trash house to a hopefully pretty, beautiful house worthy of some blog love.  I have tried my hands at many projects and usually fail so this house should be an interesting transformation.

I live with my husband and two daughters, Aurora and Prince, in Norco, Ca on a horse trail where dirt collects in my house like you have never seen before. I grew up in Orange, Ca where grass was always green, houses were always pretty and there were no boats filled with copper in the front yard ( that is currently what is in front of my yard)!!!!!!

When we moved to Norco I instantly felt a little white trash. My husband put stuff from his business in the front yard, our trees our overgrown, and there is a damn boat filled with copper in the front yard for all of the town to see.  My children are usually running around naked with matted hair and screaming their little butts off!!

I follow many blogs and one of my favorite is whom I try to copy on projects and usually come up with disastrous results. My favorite of which was a button art of Aurora for my oldest.  It turned out horrendous....the project looked possessed and thank The Lord I only spent $40 on trying to make it.  We have kept is as a keepsake/ laughing moment in the house!!

Please join me on this adventure of a white trash renovation to a hopefully beautiful house!!


Ps: can you see how some burlap is o so lovely holding up my blinds in my picture!!! Seriously time to start some white trash renovations in this house!!!